The Timberwolf section is open to boys and girls ages 8–10. The Timberwolf Section is referred to as a “Pack” and the smaller units within the Pack are known as “Sixes,” and both boys or girls may join.

The Timberwolf Pack will meet as a unit at least once a month (not counting outdoor activities and community service outings). Each Six should be led by a “Sixer” and a “Seconder” selected by from the Timberwolves within that Six. The Sixer helps lead his or her Six during Six activities, and may also assist in training the less-experienced members.

All adult leaders are register with BPSA as Rover Scouts and need to complete a Brownsea Training Course within their first year of membership.  Leaders are required to include two of the opposite sex for a Raft or Den that is co-ed.

The Timberwolf section offers games and practical activities based on The Jungle Book as written by Robert Baden-Powell‘s friend, Rudyard Kipling. Much of the learning is “by doing.” The overall program is similar in appearance to B-P’s original pre-1960s Wolf Cub program. The focus is on preparing the Timberwolf for Scouting in the Pathfinder section.


BPSA Timberwolf Handbook – online handbook for all Timberwolf scouts. Click here to order a coil-bound version.
Wolf Cub Handbook – original Wolf Cub handbook by Robert Baden-Powell
Cubmaster’s First Year – Great resource for new Timberwolf Pack Leaders.
How to Run a Pack – More details on running a Timberwolf Pack by Gilcraft.
The Pack Scouter’s Handbook – Great resource for Timberwolf Cubmasters.
Introduction to Traditional Scouting – Detailed information about our program and group structure

Uniforms and Badges:

Timberwolf Uniform – The current official uniform shirt & cap for all Timberwolf Scouts.
Timberwolf Badges & Awards – Must be ordered by GSMs or Scoutmasters (Section Leaders) ONLY.